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What is White Label Content? A Guide for Marketing Agencies

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With inbound and content marketing more popular than ever, marketing agencies are increasingly turning to white label content to strengthen their services, and bolster their profits. But what is white label content? And how can your agency use it in a profitable way?


What is White Label Content?

White label content refers to written assets that are produced anonymously (often by a freelance writer), branded by a business and resold to an end-user. Within the marketing industry, white label content enables marketing agencies to offer expert content and inbound marketing services to their clients, without the need for a permanent in-house copywriter.

White label content is often resold as part of a larger marketing package, allowing a marketing agency to add extra value to the content and justify an increased end-user price. In these cases, the marketing agency will define a marketing strategy and content plan for their client – with a freelance copywriter working to the agency’s brief, and creating white label content to fit into an overarching marketing strategy.

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Types of White Label Content

Virtually every type of content asset imaginable can be created in a white label capacity. If there’s a demand for a product or service, and you can find a freelance copywriter to produce it, white label content becomes viable.

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Case studies and guides
  • eBooks
  • Website copy
  • Email copy
[box style=”1″]The term white label is a throwback to the era of vinyl, when demo records and new releases would be released with a plain white label for anonymous distribution.[/box]


What are the benefits of White Label Content?

  • Respond to client demand

Copywriting services are crucial to the effective delivery of inbound and content marketing, SEO and social media management. B2B and B2C businesses alike are demanding expert copywriting, and choosing to work with marketing agencies that are able to offer the most comprehensive range of content-focused services. If the customer is always right, these are services your agency should be offering.

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  • Offer an increased range of services

White label content makes it easy and cost-effective to expand your agency’s services. Content and inbound marketing services can be completely outsourced, with a freelance copywriter acting as your agency’s own external copywriting department. You can market copywriting services as your own, choosing to work with your writer when demand is high, and mothballing the service when demand is low.

  • Control your costs

In-house copywriters require a salary, regardless of the demand for their services. In hard times, the extra financial costs of that salary can become problematic, and even crippling to an agency’s cashflow. By choosing to use white label content, and work with a freelance writer, you can control your cashflow. You can choose to work with a writer when it’s profitable to do so, and reduce your spend when your financial belt needs tightening.

  • Sell market-beating content

The best white label content is produced by highly-specialised writers, experts in their craft who’ve focused all of their energies into developing a single skill. The majority of agencies can’t compete with this expertise, requiring their employees to turn a hand to design, sales, social and copy whenever the need arises. With effective copywriting an increasingly powerful differentiator in the marketing industry, hiring a freelance writer to create expert white label content can quickly set your agency apart from its competitors.


Where can I buy White Label Content?

From content mills to professional freelance copywriters, white label content can be sourced from dozens of businesses, people and places. With that said, sourcing content isn’t without its risks – and with your reputation on the line, it’s essential that you hire a competent, professional and talented copywriter. For advice on hiring a freelance copywriter, I’ve created an all-in-one marketing agency guide, covering the best practices and common pitfalls of sourcing white label content:

BlogPost55 Guide to Hiring a Freelance Content Writer


As a freelance marketing copywriter myself, I understand the Do’s and Don’t’s of working with a freelancer – and I’ve created two short articles to help your agency avoid the most common mistakes:

Hiring a Freelance Copywriter? Avoid these 5 Damaging Mistakes!

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Sold on the power of white label content? For help and advice on creating market-beating white label content, get in touch! I’m a professional marketing copywriter, and I specialise in creating white label content for the UK’s brightest and best marketing agencies. I understand the problems faced by growing agencies – and my white label copywriting services are designed to solve them!




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