What is Blog Management?

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With the digital marketing industry becoming increasingly competitive, sub-par blog content can devastate an agency’s growth.  Clients and consumers expect nothing less than stellar content, and burgeoning agencies, without the necessary expertise and manpower, are starting to lose out.

Thankfully, help is at hand. If your agency is struggling to create killer blog content, your clients and business needn’t suffer – and blog management could be the solution your agency has been looking for.


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Successful business blogging requires phenomenal copywriting ability, savvy content marketing strategy, intelligent SEO and professional social media management. With digital agencies offering increasingly specialized services, few agencies have the manpower available to match the expert skill-set required.

Blog management allows marketers to completely outsource their blogging responsibilities. Instead of slaving away at content creation, publication, distribution and promotion, a third-party steps-in. Your agency frees-up time, manpower and resources – and your clients benefit from expert blog marketing.


Blog Management


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[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”20px”]Effective, market-beating blog content[/googlefont]

Outsourcing your blog content allows expert content writers to turn their skills to your client’s blog.  Their professional expertise means consistent, high-quality content – from buyer persona and sales-funnel targeting, to killer headlines and conversion-focused CTAs.

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Most blog management packages can offer authoritative content in any industry. There’s no topic too niche or too specialized – and expert writers can turn whitepapers, sales copy and product information into engaging and authoritative blog content.

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”20px”]Hassle-free blog promotion[/googlefont]

Blog promotion is my favorite marketing activity!’ – said no one ever.

Social media can hugely amplify the efficacy of your content – attracting relevant traffic to your site and generating qualified leads – but it’s a serious pain for most marketers. Scheduling post promotion across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and co. is a full-time job, and a serious waste of your team’s expertise. Thankfully, most blog management packages include post promotion – from WordPress publication, all the way through to social media engagement and content curation.

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”20px”]Better search engine rankings[/googlefont]

Blog content has a huge impact on SEO. Well-written content can be shared globally, dramatically improving backlinks and website traffic – and on-page keyword optimization allows you to target lucrative niches. Whether you’re looking for a well-optimized post, or a piece of viral linkbait, blog management can help.

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”20px”]Happier clients…[/googlefont]

Specialisation is the key to market-beating content – and if your team doesn’t have the skill-set to write killer content, it’s worth looking to the expertise of a blog management service. Outsourcing can provide your clients with exceptional content; increasing their traffic, lead-generation and sales. Best of all, every piece of content is completely white-label – so your agency gets the credit.

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”20px”]…and more leads.[/googlefont]

Many agencies choose to leverage blog management for their own blog. Any agency offering business blogging services has a responsibility to practice what they preach – and hiring a blog management expert can turn your website into a case study in effective business blogging. You’ll see greater engagement, an influx of targeted traffic, and a whole lot of qualified leads.


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Here at Contender, we specialize in business blogging. We offer an expert blog management service, and we tailor it to suit the exact needs of your agency. We also practice what we preach – as this blog post illustrates.

If you’d like any advice about blog management, get in touch with us for a free consultation. We offer expert copywriting and content marketing strategy – and we can tailor a blog management package to suit your agency. Stop struggling with blog content, and start benefiting from the freedom of blog management.



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