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Marketing blogs are awesome. If you look hard enough, you can find advice, tips and tricks to improve every aspect of your marketing strategy, as well as amazing free marketing resources. As a result, we’ve decided to take the hard work out of finding the best blogs.

We’ve listed no less than the Top 100 Marketing Blogs from all over the internet. We’ve covered all aspects of marketing: content, inbound, email, conversion, copy and much, much more.  We’ve looked at the most popular blogs, the most helpful, the most in-depth, the blogs with the most free resources, and even thrown in a couple of our personal favorites. In other words, you can be sure to find a blog or twenty to help you improve your marketing strategy!

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs
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Top 10 Copywriting Blogs

top 100 content marketing blogs

Top 10 Content Marketing Blogs

1. Velocity Partners
A B2B content marketing agency that aims to be the most interesting agency going – and from my experience of their awesome blog, they succeed.

2. MarketingProfs
Home of content first-lady Ann Handley and over 622,000 marketing professionals, marketing profs offer expert advice on all aspects of content marketing.

3. Content Marketing Institute
CMI is home to some of the most popular content marketing resources on the web, and their blog is no different.

4. Writtent
The Writtent content marketing blog is packed-full of expert advice and actionable tips, making it a definite blog to watch in 2014.

5. Businesses Grow
Home of Mark Schaefer’s controversial ‘Content Shock’ theory, Businesses Grow is Schaefer’s sounding-board for all things content and marketing.

6. Cursive Content
Not the biggest blog around, but definitely one of my favorites. The Cursive blog shares awesome insights on all aspects of content marketing, from writing killer copy to understanding the latest marketing trends.

7. Contender Content
Here at Contender Content, we strive to bring you the latest marketing tips, tricks and advice, as well as free content marketing resources and tools. If you like what we do, why not subscribe to our blog?

8. SparkSheet
Content marketing advice from SparkSheet takes the form of an award-winning multi-platform magazine – making it a must read for anyone creating content in unconventional mediums!

9. Convince and Convert
Experts in content marketing strategy and consultation, the Convince and Convert blog is a must-read for anyone looking to tighten their own approach to content marketing.

10. Contently
Contently approach content marketing from a background in journalism, and the unique insights provided by their blog make it an invaluable resource for all marketers.


inbound marketing blogs

Top 10 Inbound Marketing Blogs

11. Iconsive
The brightest and best UK B2B inbound marketing agency, the Iconsive inbound marketing blog is a wealth of B2B information and resources targeted at small-to-medium businesses.

12. HubSpot
The company that started the Inbound phenomenon, HubSpot are still the place to go for the latest and greatest in all things inbound marketing.

13. Kuno Creative
A holistic inbound marketing agency, Kuno’s marketing blog covers every aspect of inbound marketing – from copy to automation.

14. Tomorrow People
Another UK-based inbound marketing blog and agency, Tomorrow People tout themselves as experts at the cutting-edge of inbound marketing. As a reader of their blog, I have to agree!

15. Inbound Marketing Agents
Set-up to help small businesses compete with their larger rivals, the Inbound Marketing Agents blog offers an actionable look at all things inbound.

16. PR20/20
Paul Roetzer’s business, PR20/20 has positioned itself at the forefront of inbound marketing. His book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint, is a phenomenally helpful read, and his blog follows the same trend.

17. iAcquire
You’ll find no automation at iAcquire, as they pride themselves on a personal and expert approach to marketing – themes which recur in their excellent marketing blog.

18. Optimize 3.0
A Gold-level HubSpot partner, Optimize 3.0 know their inbound marketing, and their NY-based marketing blog reflects that.

19. Inbound Pro
Inbound Pro is the work of Hector Cuevas, and not an agency as you might expect. As a result, his blog offers a unique insight into the entrepreneurial side of inbound marketing.

20. Co-Grow
Whilst not the most visually inspiring, Co-Grow offer excellent advice on marketing, and as HubSpot Partner, they practice what they preach.



Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

21. TopRank Blog
Want to help your business ‘increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement’? TopRankBlog specializes in just that, and it’s one of the most popular digital marketing blogs around.

22. Marketo
Specializing in the marketing automation side of digital marketing, the Marketo blog is a wealth of actionable advice and advanced marketing strategy.

23. Jeff Bullas
Something of a figurehead in the digital marketing community, Jeff is a respected and effective marketer himself, offering powerful advice on the social side of digital marketing.

24. Seth Godin
…and speaking of figureheads, Seth Godin is nothing short of a marketing legend. His experience and advice is some of the most unique around, and his blog is a must-read for any digital marketer.

25. Portent
Digital marketing is nothing without conversion – and Portent’s blog specializes in just that. Learn how to better convert your digital marketing strategy.

26. Digital Marketer
Offering some of the most actionable advice on any digital marketing blog, Digital Marketer’s blog is a must-read for any marketer looking to refine their approach.

27. Return on Digital
Return on Digital tackle every aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy: ‘SEO, PPC, Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimisation’

28. Vertical Response
Email marketing is far from dead, and any digital marketer worth their salt needs to stay abreast of the latest innovations – and the Vertical Response blog is perfect for doing exactly that.

29. Ducttape Marketing
Founded by the ‘World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert’, Ducttape set themselves apart from the competition with their smart branding, insightful commentary and excellent content.

30. eConsultancy
One of my favorite blogs in this category, the eConsultancy blog is jam-packed full of engaging content, helpful advice and generally awesome marketing-musings.


email marketing blogs

Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs

31. B2B Email Marketing
With over 15 years of experience in the email marketing sector, the team behind the B2B Email Marketing Blog are bona-fide experts in executing effective email campaigns – and their blog lets you learn from their experience.

32. Deliverability With a team of over 20 email marketing experts, the Deliverability blog offers expert advice on subject lines, spam filters and much more.

33. GetResponse
As well as expert advice, the Get Response blog is particularly helpful with its selection of email marketing resources.

34. Litmus
Another resource-laden blog comes from the specialists at Litmus – alongside their regularly updated blog content, you can also dive into a specific ‘Learning’ section to help bring your email marketing up to scratch.

35. Email Institute
Touting itself as a ‘best practices’ site, the Email Institute tackles the crossover between email marketing, and other popular marketing channels.

36. MailChimp
As well as offering one of the best mailing list tools around, the MailChimp team showcase their expertise with a helpful and practical blog on gettingthe most out of email.

37. Chris Baggot
As a marketing blog from the head-honcho of ExactTarget, you can be sure that Chris’s content is knowledgeable, interesting and always helpful.

38. Bronto
Bronto specialize in email marketing automation side of things, with their tips-and-tricks-laden marketing blog.

39. Retail Email Blog
This marketing blog from Responsys is one of the best palces to visit for the latest industry news and innovation.

40. SilverPop
As providers of advanced email marketing automation software, SilverPop are trusted by over 5000 global brands, and their blog showcases their expertise in the email marketing field.



Top 10 SEO and SEM Blogs

41. Matthew Woodward
A personal favorite of mine, Matthew Woodward’s search engine marketing blog showcases some of the best tutorials and How-To guides anywhere on the web. Best of all, we know they work – because Matthew uses his own site as the perfect case study.

42. Moz
Rand Fishkin’s company Moz, formally SEOMoz, is perhaps the most authoritative SEO and SEM resource anywhere on their web. If you aren’t already an avid follower of Moz’s search engine marketing blog, you need to start reading it right this second.

43. QuickSprout
Neil Patel has worked alongside some of the biggest and best blogs around, and he shares his musings through QuickSprout’s blog. The ‘QuickSprout’ university section is especially useful!

44. Search Engine Journal
One of the best resources for emerging SEO trends, Search Engine Journal does exactly what you might expect – and provides an overview of the latest news and information in the industry.

45. Jacob King
Unlike most SEO and SE marketing blogs, Jacob King’s posts inject humor and soul into the world of SEO – a trend I’d like to see other blogs follow.

46. SEO Nick
Nick Eubank is a SEO expert, and his helpful blog covers some of the more advanced aspects of SEO and SEM.

47. Internet Marketing Ninjas
One of the best blog names around, the guys at Internet Marketing Ninjas write some of the most engaging and enjoyable SEO content I’ve ever read.

48. Pointblank SEO
By specializing in the hardest aspect of SEO – legitimate linkbuilding – PointBlank have earned themselves a special place in this content marketer’s heart.

49. Blind Five Year Old
Quirky blog titles seem to be a recurrent theme in this niche, but don’t be fooled by Blind Five Year Old’s title. This search engine marketing blog provides some of the best SEO advice of any blog on the web.

50. Cognitive SEO
Another case study in ‘practicing what you preach’, Cognitive SEO are a software company that provides brilliant resources and information alongside their cutting-edge SEO products.



Top 10 Blog Marketing Blogs

51. ProBlogger
Darren Rowse is the man behind this blog marketing blog, and he’s a prime example of someone practicing what they preach. Alongside ProBlogger, Darren runs blogs in niches as diverse as photography and Twitter advice.

52. John Chow
John’s blog is an irreverent, but always helpful, look at blogging, online marketing and living the ‘Dot Com’ lifestyle. Full of valuable content and never-dull opinions!

53. BlogMutt
Looking for professional blogging advice from a team of professional bloggers? Look no further than BlogMutt!

54. Kikolani
Kristi Hines runs Kikolani, and as a freelance blogger, ghostwriter, and regular contributor for Power 150 blogs including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Windmill Networking, SEOgadget, and KISSmetrics’, you can be sure she knows her stuff.

55. Blogtrepreneur
Blogtrepreneur combines useful industry insights with some of the more engaging copy I’ve seen in action – boasting blog titles along the lines of ‘Just Bieber, Venture Capitalist?’.

56. Blog Tyrant
Blogtyrant is a favorite marketing blog of mine, and a case-study in buyer persona targeting. Valuable, actionable and sporting the best blog logo around.

57. Boost Blog Traffic
Running your own business blog is an amazing way of sending traffic to your website, but with the help of Boost Blog Traffic, you could be driving even more visitors through your sales funnel!

58. Daily Blog Tips
Daily Blog Tips provides, you guessed it: daily blog tips. As a result, it’s one of the most regularly updated blogs about, and it’s well worth subscribing to if you’re a serious blog marketer.

59. Social Triggers
Social Triggers offers a valuable look at holistic blogging strategy – but I would like to see fewer pictures of founder Derek Halpern in each blog post…

60. Blogging with Amy
Amy’s site offers some of the most comprehensive and thorough blog marketing advice around. If you don’t know where to start business blogging, or want to refine your existing strategy, check out with Amy’s site!



Top 10 Social Media Marketing Blogs

61. Social Media Examiner
If in-depth case studies and actionable advice are your idea of a good time (they are mine), then Social Media Examiner is the best social media marketing blog around.

62. Social Media Today
Similarly, if you’re looking to keep up-to-date with innovations across LinkedIn, G+, Facebook and more, Social Media Today blazes a trail for recent industry insights.

63. RazorSocial
In terms of free resources, RazorSocial is probably the most valuable of these social media blogs. Their Social Media Tools section is especially helpful!

64. Amy Porterfield
When you’re done reading the incredible advice and tips in each each of Amy’s social media marketing blogs, check out her back-story – it’s well-worth a read as well!

65. BufferApp
As well as creating my social media management tool of choice, BufferApp also maintain a high-quality social media blog – practicing what they preach!

66. Danny Brown
Danny’s blog is a wealth of SMM advice – the only downside? He shares his name with a well-known US rapper, and that means no #1 spot on Google!

67. Kim Garst
Despite looking like a cheap 90’s infomercial, Kim’s blog is full of valuable information – so try and overlook the questionable design choice.

68. Social Fresh
In stark contrast to the previous blog, SocialFresh have one of the simplest and most effective blog designs around – and with content as good as theirs, they really don’t need any frills or distractions.

69. Heidi Cohen
Heidi’s blog is firmly rooted in the actionable and practical side of social media and digital marketing, and packed full of tips as a result.

70. Pushing Social
Pushing Social is run by Stan Smith, and he specializes in ‘using social tools to achieve a competitive advantage’ – and yes, his blog really is as good as it sounds.



Top 10 Entrepreneurial Blogs

71. AllBusiness
Advice from a host of seasoned entrepreneurial bloggers and experts, on topics ranging from marketing to financial strategy – what more could you want?

72.How to Change the World
Guy Kawasaki tackles the issue of venture capital in an exciting, useful and inspiring way. It’s in-the-trenches advice from someone who’s lived their own advice, and it’s well worth a read.

73. The Eco Capitalist
Ever wondered how to balance entrepreneurial success with strong ethics and personal beliefs? Worry no longer, thanks to Tom Szaky’s Eco Capitalist blog.

74. Penelope Trunk
Penelope is masterful at combining entrepreneurial advice and inspiration with genuinely heartfelt anecdotes and personal experience. One of the more realistic, and in my opinion, helpful entrepreneurial blogs going.

75. Work Happy
If there was one thing missing from this section, it isn’t any more – Work Happy specializes in finding the latest and greatest tools for entrepreneurs, from all reaches of the web.

76. Lifestream
Kevin Kelly, one of the founding fathers of Wired magazine, offers powerful advice and information for entrepreneurs of all types in his Lifestream blog series.

77. Church of the Customer
Advice on the many Do’s, and even more Don’ts, of customer loyalty and service. An excellent blog for putting a human face on sales and customer interaction.

78. Wise Bread
Instead of preaching the ethos of ‘spend money to make money’, Wise Bread take the wholly pragmatic approach of ‘spend less money to make more money’. Excellent for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to tighten their purse strings.

79. Venture Hacks
Advice on investment and entrepreneurial tactics, from two guys who have experience on both sides of the table.

80. Entrepreneur Daily Dose
Daily advice on all the issues that challenge and test us on a daily basis. Packed full of case studies and breaking news stories, it’s genuinely worth checking in every day.



Top 10 Marketing Conversion and Analysis Blogs

81. KISSMetrics
Keep It Simple, Stupid – wise words, and particularly relevant to the often complicated and convoluted world of conversion analysis. KISS offers a simple, concise blog, full of advice without the jargon.

82. Occam’s Razor
In a similar vein to KISSMetrics, Occam’s Razor is the belief that the simplest solution is usually the best, and this ethos underpins Avinash’s no-nonsense blog and approach to conversion.

83. Annielytics
Annie loves metrics, and after a short read of her blog, you will too. The awesome blog name is a plus as well!

84. Cutroni
An elegant and informative blog, specializing in conversion analysis without any unnecessary frills. Need to analyze your marketing strategy? Cutroni tells you how. Simples!

85. Bryan Eisenberg
As well as tackling marketing analysis and conversion, Bryan Eisenberg is also a world-leading expert on the production of crystal m…no, no he isn’t. But he does know a lot about marketing! (#BreakingBad).

86. Conversion Scientist
Conversion Scientist offers an empirical and helpful look at the art of conversion. If you need to hone your marketing strategy, check out Conversion Scientist now, and convert those leads into customers!

87. Conversion Rate Experts
With a tagline as simple and straightforward as ‘turning Clicks into Customers’, you won’t be disappointed by the no-nonsense advice on offer at Conversion Rate Experts.

88. Monetate
Monetate offer the most comprehensive suite of UI and conversion tools available, and their resources and blog are just as helpful.

89. User Testing
User Interface and User Experience are two of the most crucial, and sadly overlooked, aspects of marketing analysis. User Testing arms you with the resources to approach your own site from the end-user perspective.

90. Unbounce
As well as offering some of the best site optimization advice available anywhere on the internet, Unbounce also wrote one of the articles that informed this post – check out the link at the end of the article!



Top 10 Copywriting Blogs

91. The Domino Project
Seth Godin makes another appearance with his Domino Project, a foray into the world of digital publishing, eBooks and copywriting.

92. Good Copy, Bad Copy
Sometimes, the best way to get good at something is to watch other people suck. This blog illustrates the Do’s and Don’ts of copywriting – but mainly the Don’ts.

93. Men with Pens
Business and writing advice, packaged up especially for content marketers. Perfect!

94. Ghostwriter Dad
Marketing advice from a former ghostwriter, current marketer and future best-selling author.

95. The Rant
I’m a big fan of writers with personality – and no-one has more personality (and copywriting chops!) than John Carlton.

96. ABC Copywriting
Everything from copywriting 101 to advanced content strategy is included in the ABC Copywriting and marketing blog, making it useful to marketers of all stripes.

97. The Sales Blog
Copy needs to sell, and the Sales Blog aims to teach you ust how to do that by writing compelling sales copy.

98. Ben Settle
A copywriter and email marketer, Ben is an avid salesman and maker of money. If you need no-BS advice on copy and sales copy, this is the place to go.

99. Richard Bueno
If you’re struggling to write engaging copy in a particularly specific niche, check out Richard’s blog. He’s a real-estate copywriting expert, and he has a wealth of valuable tips to share with you on marketing blog.

100. Copyblogger
My personal favourite resource for all things copywriting, Copyblogger have articles and resources on every aspect of writing – and their blog will make you a genuinely better writer.

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