6 Surefire Sources of Valuable Business Blog Ideas

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Running out of ideas for your business blogging efforts? These 6 sources of business blog ideas are guaranteed to reignite your inspiration, and send your blog marketing and lead generation efforts into overdrive!


6 sources of valuable business blog ideas


6. Competitor analysis

If you want a surefire way to write a popular blog post, look to the experts. Every industry has its share of big players, and by analysing their most popular content, you can obtain valuable insights into the ingredients of a killer business blog idea.

There are several powerful content analysis tools available to you, my favourite being the QuickSprout  Analyzer. Plug your competitors URL into the tool, and view their page level results. You’ll be able to see their most popular pages, in terms of views and social media shares. You’ll be able to read the post, learn from its topic and tone, and use it as inspiration for your own ideas.

Neil Patel wrote a brilliant post on this topic, so check it out for more business blog ideas!


5. One upmanship

Why not improve upon an existing post? Just because a fantastic business blog idea has already been used, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be beaten. Value is the ultimate goal of business blogging, and if you can add more value to your reader’s experience than another post, it’s worth taking the time to one-up an existing article.

There are several ways to one-up an existing post:

  • Collate existing resources into a single comprehensive list. Make your post a one-stop shop, and combine the web’s top resources into one article.
  • Revise outdated information, and release a super up-to-date post
  • Compile more advice, answers and content than your rivals. If you discover a Top 10 post, write a Top 20. Top 25? Write a Top 50, a Top 100, even a Top 200. The only limiting factor is your time, and as long as each point is worth making, the sky’s the limit.


4. #Trending topics

Social media is a goldmine of business blog ideas. With thousands of engaged users, actively discussing every industry imaginable, sites like Twitter, Facebook and G+ make it easy to identify the most talked-about topics in any niche. Websites like and collate and analyse the most popular phrases and hashtags; and by creating a blog post with trending topics in mind, it becomes easy to benefit from the virality of social media.


3. Personal opinions

Many marketers shy away from sharing their professional and personal opinions, afraid of alienating their audience or, worse still, wasting their time. In truth, personal opinions make it easier for audiences to relate to a brand, creating a sense of identity and empathy between business and consumer.

As long as an opinion is relevant to a target audience, and written with an appropriate tone of voice, sharing personal thoughts and commentary can be incredibly valuable. As a marketing professional, it’s likely that your thoughts will be helpful to your audience – and better yet, these types of blog post can be seriously fun to write.


2. Long-tail keywords

Blog posts are designed to attract an interested readership through search engine results – so why not turn to the search engines for your business blog ideas? If you have a general blog topic in mind, long-tail keyword research can help refine your idea. Keyword suggestion websites, like Ubersuggest, analyse Google search history, and compile thousands of previously-searched-for keyword variants.

For example, I searched for the short-tail keyword inbound marketing. Ubersuggest returned the following results:

  • inbound marketing summit
  • inbound marketing companies
  • inbound marketing agency
  • inbound marketing definition
  • inbound marketing certification
  • inbound marketing software
  • inbound marketing vs outbound marketing
  • inbound marketing agents
  • inbound marketing strategy

These results reflect just the first paragraph of suggestions; and contained within these results, there are dozens of business blog post ideas. Best of all, these are all popular topics, which have been searched for on a regular basis. I used these results to create 3 business blog ideas:

  • ‘What is Inbound Marketing? The Ultimate Definition’
  • ‘Comparing the Web’s Best Inbound Marketing Certifications’
  • ‘Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: Which is Best for B2B Marketing?’


1. Buyer personas

Buyer personas are the heart and soul of inbound marketing. They encapsulate your target audience in an idealised persona, detailing their likes and dislikes, their passions and their problems. In other words, they’re the perfect fodder for sourcing business blog ideas.

Every blog post you create has to relate back to your persona, and address a passion or a problem. Regardless of where or how you source your business blog post ideas, each and every post you create has to pass a crucial acid test: will my audience care about this?

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For help in creating valuable business blog ideas, and defining a lead-generating editorial calendar for your clients, get in touch! I’m a professional marketing copywriter, and I work with the UK’s brightest and best marketing agencies. I specialise in inbound marketing and business blogging – and I could improve the ROI of your inbound efforts from behind-the-scenes!


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