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Value Doesn’t Have a Word Limit: Microblogging for Marketing

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The golden-rule of blogging is simple: add value to your audience. If we try our damnedest to educate, inspire, inform, amuse and downright astound our audience; if we go above-and-beyond the call of duty, and strive to create content that genuinely impacts another human being; if we do our best to create value where none existed before,

We can expect value in return.

Value can be a free eBook. It can be an epic guide, an actionable How-to post, or an infographic. It can be a whitepaper, an article, a video or a review. Value can also be an opinion, a thought, or an idea. Value can be a Tweet or a Comment, a sentence, or two, or ten. Value can be microblogging.

It’s true that long-form content resonates well with people (and, of course, search engines), and I’m not suggesting that we should abandon conventional content; just diversify. Epic content can create value, but it can also miss the mark, in the same way that microblogging can be inane or profound. In other words, value isn’t restricted to a particular format. It isn’t limited to a certain channel, it doesn’t come from a handful of authors, and it doesn’t follow a template.

Value doesn’t have a word limit.

Once in a while, blog without an ulterior motive. Blog because you have something to say, and because you want to. Blog because you care… and your reader will care as well.

It works for Seth Godin – and that guy is wise.


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