Marketing Agency Suicide, or How to Hire a Cheap Copywriter

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In the world of copywriting, price isn’t everything. Before you risk your agency’s reputation on a bottom-bracket writer, familiarise yourself with these 5 reasons to avoid hiring a cheap copywriter. If you (and your clients!) care about the outcome of your copywriting, it’s time to find a quality writer!


5. Quality copywriters price by value, not cost

Cheap copywriters don’t understand the importance of their work, creating blog posts and emails and charging for either their time or their wordcountThey don’t understand the context of their content, and don’t appreciate the value their content can bring to a business.

Professional copywriters will understand how their content fits into a marketing campaign. They’ll understand the audience, and their problems; and they’ll use their copy as a way of showcasing the problem-solving potential of their client’s service. They don’t charge per word, because the value of their copy doesn’t lie in a specific wordcount – it lies in its message, in its persona targeting and its social proof, it’s understanding of the end-user, and it’s honesty.

Cheap copywriters charge less for their work because they don’t understand it’s importance – and if it isn’t important to your writer, it sure as hell won’t matter to your audience. Your agency should use value-based pricing, and so should your copywriter.


4. Cheap copywriters won’t care about outcomes

Marketing agencies don’t care about content – they care about the outcome of the content. They care about click-throughs, conversions and sales, and copywriting is another crucial tool in driving meaningful engagement. Copywriters need to approach their work from the same mindset, writing purposeful copy with the sole intention of driving engagement. Cheap copywriters are unlikely to understand this, and even less likely to care – and they’ll cut costs by creating content-for-the-sake-of-content. It’ll be cheaper, sure – but it’ll also earn no ROI.


3. Talented copywriters are in short supply

With huge surges in demand for both content and inbound marketing, quality copywriters have fast become a highly-prized asset. Agencies and businesses alike are falling over themselves to source quality writers – and they’re willing to pay a handsome rate for their help. In other words, good copywriters can earn a decent wage. There’s no need to slash prices and settle for an unfair wage; and cheap copywriters that charge significantly below the market rate are likely to offer content significantly below the market standard.


2. Cheap copywriters are a false economy

In an increasingly content-centric industry, copywriting can be the decisive factor in determining the efficacy of your marketing efforts. Business blogging, website copy, landing pages, email copywriting and asset creation are the building blocks of a successful marketing campaign – and your copywriter has a huge hand in the creation of each. If corners are to be cut, content is not the place to do so.


1. Clients will pay for quality copywriting

With most copywriters working in a white label capacity, many agencies feel pressured to minimise their spend, in order to reduce the end-user cost of their services, or to bump-up their own profits. This is the driving force in hiring a cheap copywriter. In reality though, the majority of clients are happy to pay for high-quality copywriting. They realise the importance of sales-focused, highly-targeted copy, and understand that the efficacy of their entire marketing campaign hinges on their content.

Most professional copywriters will operate a clear pricing structure – offering concise quotes in response to agency demand. This allows agencies to tightly control their spend, and account for every penny of their client’s marketing budget. Costs can be passed on to the end-user in a fair and honest way, and market-beating copywriting can be used to earn a stellar ROMI.

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Professional copywriters play an increasingly vital role in the modern marketing landscape. It’s crucial that your chosen copywriter understands the importance of their content, and strives for efficacy above all else. Whilst it can be tempting for cost-conscious agencies to source a cheap copywriter, it’s highly likely that doing so will damage your business in the long-term. For help in finding the perfect marketing copywriter, get in touch!


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