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Download Your Free Buyer Persona Template

By October 8, 2014 One Comment

Buyer personas are essential to digital marketing.

They help you understand your customers, and create content that attracts the right people to your business. They offer your business valuable insights into consumer decisions, and allow you to fine-tune your offerings to maximise sales. They nail-down the value proposition of your products, and allow you to target your marketing in the most effective way possible.

In other words, buyer personas areĀ vitalĀ to earning a marketing ROI.


With that said, few agencies have a standardised process for developing buyer personas. They miss-out crucial information, and build a partial (and even inaccurate) picture of their audience. As a result, they end up earning a partial ROI from their marketing efforts.

With that in mind then, I’ve spent some time developing a Free Buyer Persona Template. It contains all the crucial questions you need to ask your audience, and offers you an easy-to-share format for distributing your awesome new personas to your entire marketing team. It’s even got an example persona filled-out, so you’ll be able to use it immediately!


Download your Free Buyer Persona Template!

Buyer Persona Template

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This buyer persona template is designed to help you to:

  • Develop a standardised and scalable process for developing buyer personas.
  • Encourage employees to develop a persona-first approach to marketing.
  • Ask the right questions during customer interviews.
  • Improve future data capture.
  • Build-up a clear and accurate image of your target audience.
  • Improve the efficacy of your inbound and content marketing efforts.
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For more help in developing buyer-persona focused content, get in touch! I’m a professional marketing copywriter, and I specialise in white label content for digital marketing agencies. I’m Inbound certified, and I regularly work with the UK’s leading HubSpot partners. To find out about my copywriting services, get in touch now!



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