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5 Content Marketing Solutions to Common Agency Problems

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Content marketing services are more sought-after than ever, with businesses clamoring for their benefits, and agencies falling over themselves to provide them. However, there’s more to content than a product to be be packaged-up and sold – it can provide effective, cost-effective solutions to some of marketing’s biggest problems. From determining KPIs to mediating between inbound and outbound marketing, it’s time to discover 5 content marketing solutions to common marketing agency problems.


Marketing Agency Problem #5

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]Struggling to adapt to Social Media Marketing[/googlefont]

With a global reach of 1.73 billion (equivalent to 1 in every 4 people), social media is an insanely powerful marketing channel. That said, many marketing agencies are struggling to adopt it in a meaningful, effective way. The social media accounts of marketing agencies (and their clients) are packed-full of self-aggrandising indulgences and inane banter. At best, audiences don’t care. At worst, businesses get branded as self-centered, insensitive and idiotic – as illustrated by this ill-fated response to the Boston bombings:

Content Marketing Solutions Tweet 1

Content Marketing Solutions Tweet 2


The Content Marketing Solution:

In the words of Jay Baer, ‘Content is fire, social media is gasoline.’ Regular, consistent blog writing provides meaningful content for social media promotion. Instead of tweeting about your website redesign, or the lovely cake your newest intern just baked, your agency can share useful insights, advice and expertise. As well engaging your current audience, you’ll also be able to attract new and relevant followers. To boost the efficacy of your social media marketing, try experimenting with the 10:4:1 rule!


Marketing Agency Problem #4:

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]Difficulties competing with established marketing agencies[/googlefont]

There was a time when the marketing industry was dominated by a handful of big players. They controlled the majority of the industry’s resources and key players, and smaller agencies couldn’t hope to compete. If Mad Men is to be believed, they also drank a ton of whiskey and flaunted their misogyny on a daily basis.

The Content Marketing Solution:

Digital marketing means lower barriers to entry. Startups and entrepreneurial culture have become a part of the modern marketing landscape – and it’s all thanks to content marketing. Affordable (even free) content marketing resources have made it easier than ever to start a successful website:

  • Content Management Systems like WordPress and Blogger
  • SEO resources like Ahrefs and Google’s Adwords tool
  • Social Media Management applications like Buffer and Hootsuite

…the only ingredient missing is content. With a consistent content marketing strategy, underdog agencies can (and have) taken on industry giants. The smallest startups are now capable of dominating the search engines and generating thousands of leads – all through consistent content marketing.


Marketing Agency Problem #3:

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]Mediating between inbound and outbound marketing[/googlefont]

Outbound marketing is dead, right? Print advertisement, trade shows, bought media and even email have lost their efficacy, and can’t compete with the new guy on the block: inbound marketing.

The Content Marketing Solution:

Content marketing is, at its core, a value exchange. Marketing agencies earn the time, attention and engagement of their audience by offering real value in return – in the form of helpful guides, eBooks, blog posts, case studies and whitepapers. Applying this value exchange to outbound marketing creates an opt-in system; reinstating the efficacy of outbound marketing by giving people the choice to engage with it. Those that opt-in have a genuine, incentivised reason to engage with your marketing: they chose to do so.

  • Trade shows become online, interactive webinars.
  • Email marketing becomes an opt-in system, and sees huge increases in open, click-through and conversion rates.
  • Bought media becomes earned media, as social media engagement spreads powerful word-of-mouth testimonials.
  • Your audience can choose to opt-in to your marketing, and if you’re really adventurous, they can even contribute to it.



Marketing Agency Problem #2:

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]Developing Meaningful KPIs[/googlefont]

With the abandonment and redevelopment of your marketing services comes a new problem: choosing meaningful KPIs. Key Performance Indicators are essential to determining the efficacy of a marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies struggle with their KPIs, obsessing over vanity metrics, fixating on vague ‘engagement’ targets or choosing completely irrelevant metrics.

The Content Marketing Solution:

Data is a marketer’s best friend, and content marketing is packed-full of it:

  • Page-level stats, like Views, Visits and Referrals
  • Search-level stats, like Rank, Click-throughs and Bounce Rates
  • Social-level stats, like Shares, Tweets, Likes and Plus’s
  • Conversion-level stats, like Returning Visitors, Downloaded Assets and Sales Funnel Progress

From this wealth of data, it becomes possible to hew out a set of meaningful KPIs – cost per lead, lead-to-customer ratio, landing page conversion and channel-specific ROI.


Marketing Agency Problem #1:

[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]Limited capacity and resources[/googlefont]

The most common marketing agency problem: a lack of resources and capacity. By necessity, growing marketing agencies have to take on increased workloads, without the resources necessary for comfortable execution. A crucial, business-altering question arises: should I hire, or outsource?

The Content Marketing Solution:

Content is one of the few marketing channels that can be effectively outsourced. With a fully-developed set of buyer personas, it becomes possible for a skilled freelance copywriter to create targeted, effective content. Blog posts and content assets can be mapped to a pre-defined sales-funnel, and marketing agencies can offer their clients expert content marketing solutions – without the risks and costs associated with a permanent in-house copywriter.


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For information and advice on how content marketing solutions can overcome your agency’s problems, get in touch. I’m a UK copywriter and content marketing strategist, and I work with some of the UK’s brightest and best digital agencies. I can help you to develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy – creating world-class content marketing solutions for you and your clients alike!



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