20 Business Benefits of Blogging

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I’ve previously explained how your agency can boost its recurring revenue by offering a blog management service. I did my best to convince you, Mr/Ms Marketer, of the value of blog marketing – and now, in a bid to help sell your clients on the concept, I’ve compiled 20 of the most convincing business benefits of blogging. Armed with the benefits listed here, it should be easier than ever to convince your clients on the value of business blogging – and earn some much-need revenue in the process!


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20. Develop an SEO strategy that really works

Business blogging solves all the problems of search engine optimisation:

  • Blog posts allow you to systematically target hundreds of low-traffic, high-competition keywords.
  • A business blog provides a platform for guest blogging – one of the few viable tactics for backlink building.
  • Blog content will encourage engagement, shares and comments, all crucial metrics used by Google to determine search rank.
  • Business blogging is SEO done naturally. It benefits your agency, your clients and your audience. This means no ranking fluctations and no Google penalties.

Want to discover how to incorporate SEO into your business blogging strategy? Check out 8 Principles of Effective SEO Copywriting.


19. Increase your audience with content syndication

When performed properly, content syndication is a valuable marketing tool for increasing the reach of a brand. Publishing fantastic blog posts on industry-related websites will drive targeted traffic back to your client’s website – as well as boost their search engine ranking. Check out the best practices of content syndication here.


18. Build an opt-in mailing list

Email marketing is far from dead; but bought mailing lists have been pushing-up daisies for years. Thankfully, the benefits of blogging extend to email. Adding a blog subscription CTA to your website and blog posts will drive opt-in engagement, and allow you to build a valuable mailing list of engaged and interested leads.


17. Develop brand authority

People are wary of buying products and services from unknown entities; and proving brand authority is a crucial part of nurturing your leads. Thankfully, business blogging allows you to showcase the expertise of your business and employees. You can tackle complicated subjects with authority, and prove to your audience that you know the industry inside-out.


16. Practice what you preach

The benefits of blogging are tangible, and a successful blog marketing campaign will provide you with a ton of awesome metrics and data. These stats are perfect for crafting compelling case studies, packed-full of honest information about the real benefits of blogging. If you’re pitching a bog marketing strategy to a medium-sized tech-sector business, and you have a case study from another medium-sized tech-sector business, selling your client just got a whole lot easier.


15. Fuel your social media marketing

If you want to engage a social media audience, you need something worth sharing. Awesome blog content is worth promoting, and by regularly sharing it with your audience, you can encourage the natural growth of your social media networks. As Jay Baer says, ‘Content is fire; social media is gasoline.’


14. Build a community around your content

In addition to growing your social media audience, great content will also build a community of vibrant exchange and engagement. From LinkedIn groups to G+ Hangouts, your content will encourage people to share their own thoughts and opinions., and start a meaningful dialogue with potential customers.


13. Earn crucial social proof

Social media engagement provide an incredibly valuable form of social proof. Users that share and comment on your blog posts will make your content visible to their own audiences. The act of sharing is itself a testimonial to the quality of the content, and other users will be encouraged to get involved.


12. Solve customer problems

I keep harping on about marketing as a value exchange, and with good reason. By using your blog posts to solve customer problems, you create obvious and tangible value. Your audience appreciates the value created by your client, and in turn, will be more willing to offer their own value in return – in the form of engagement, time and custom.


11. Nurture your leads

Business blogging slots comfortably into the top of the sales funnel, attracting potential customers to your client’s website with advice and resources. It can also be used to start the process of lead nurturing, by systematically educating and engaging your visitors. CTAs can be used to promote MoFu and BoFu content, and you can continually drive the whole process with targeted email marketing.


10. Effectively promote downloadable assets, offers and promotions

Downloadable assets are a great way to collect lead information and continue a process of lead nurturing. Better yet, by combining these assets with CTAs at the end of relevant blog posts, you create a natural and effective way of promoting them.


9. Educate your audience about the value of your services

I’m going to illustrate this with a great example: Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO. Every website owner understands, to a limited extent, the importance of search engines – but relative few understand SEO enough to see the real value of Moz’s services. By creating insanely detailed guides, Moz can attract targeted prospects and educate them to a point where they can see the value of working with Moz.


8. Improve your own industry knowledge

I’m a firm believer that we can always stand to improve our knowledge. Researching blog posts provides a valuable way of improving your own industry-related knowledge, in a not-completely-terrible way. Whether you’re reading about the latest marketing insights, or digging-into complex B2B industries for your client, knowledge is always power.


7. Inject personality into your business

‘People don’t buy from businesses; they buy from people’ – and to extend the adage even further, they buy from people they like. Business blogging allows you to humanise your business, and create a real sense of personality. By injecting a sense of humour into your posts, and assigning real team members to monitor content and respond to feedback, you can help customers to relate to your clients on a personal level.


6. Build a long-lasting content marketing strategy

The benefits of blogging are incredibly long-lasting. Quality, authoritative content never goes out of style – and if you’re willing to periodically tweak and re-promote your content, you can sustain its benefits. If your post becomes outdated, add extra information to keep it relevant. A while after it’s published, think about content syndication – and further down the line, repurpose your content into an eBook, video or slideshare!


5. Outdo your competitors

Business blogging is an increasingly popular tactic, but there’s no reason your blog can’t surpass it’s competitors. Regularly creating valuable, targeted content can help businesses of all sizes to generate hundreds of thousands of website visits and customers. For help in creating a truly stand-out blog marketing strategy, get in touch!


4. Fine-tune your products and services

Blogging, and engaging with your blog audience, can provide extremely valuable insight into the needs and desires of your customers. By picking-up on popular topics and problems, it becomes possible to identify the parts of a business your audience really care about. Better yet, by reaching out for their advice and opinions on particular topics, you can fine-tune your offerings to properly reflect your audience.


3. Prove your value with key blogging KPIs

Many content marketing services provide pretty abstract value, difficult to tie directly to ROI. Business blogging is different. Metrics like organic search traffic, page views and conversion rates are extremely easy to tie to ROI. They provide a clear overview of the channels which are most effective in driving traffic, and the value businesses can expect from each. This allows for on-the-fly optimisation of your marketing campaign, and improved conversion rates and sales. It’s also easier to prove the value of your marketing agency.


2. Earn your client’s a stellar ROMI

Blogging is incredibly cost-effective. If you have in-house capabilities, killer marketing campaigns can be created in a short-time frame, without any expensive software, advertising or PPC costs. Even without a large copywriting team, it’s possible to benefit from professional copywriting expertise without any fixed costs. To find out more about working with a freelancer copywriter, check out Hiring a Freelance Writer: the Complete Guide.


1. Earn recurring revenue with a blog management service

Recurring revenue is at the heart of every successful marketing agency. By offering your clients an ongoing service, like blog management, it becomes possible to secure crucial revenue with the security of a monthly or yearly retainer. Thankfully, these 20 benefits of blogging should make selling your clients on the value of blog marketing easier than ever!

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Looking for help with your business blogging? I’m a freelance marketing copywriter, and I specialise in business blogging for UK-based B2B marketing agencies. I can help develop, create and improve your content marketing strategies, and bring all the benefits of blogging to your agency and clients. For more information, check out my copywriting services and get in touch!


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