7 Underrated Blog Marketing Services to Boost Your Inbound Marketing

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Whilst most marketers are pretty savvy with their business blogging, there are a few underrated and overlooked blog marketing services that can be used to boost your inbound efforts. Whether you handle your inbound blogging in-house, or outsource to an inbound copywriter, these 7 blog marketing services can be used to attract new prospects and create new leads.


 7 Underrated Blog Marketing Services

7. Content Syndication

I’ve tackled content syndication before – and whilst there are very real risks associated with its use, benefits can still be had from this particular blog marketing service. Syndication exposes your content to an entirely new audience. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise in a publicly-endorsed arena, lending social proof to your opinions. Whilst syndication might negate the SEO benefits of your content, there’s more to blog marketing than search; and attracting a brand new readership to your blog can make syndication worthwhile.


6. Epic Post Writing

If you want to dominate the search results, you need to go big or go home. Epic content (2000+ words) is much more likely to achieve a hallowed Top 10 ranking than a shorter blog post. The reason is simple – longer content tends to contain the most information, advice, guidance and value. Your readership respond to it positively, sharing and promoting your incredible content – and Google picks up on these signs.


5. Microblogging

There’s a proven correlation between blogging frequency, traffic and lead generation – and the more regularly you blog, the better your inbound marketing will function. In a perfect world, we’d blog dozens of times a week, publishing epic blog post after epic blog post. Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses lack the time and resources required to maintain this level of blog marketing.

Thankfully, short-and-sweet blog posts can still have a huge benefit on our inbound marketing. Microblogging (a la Seth Godin) allows you to communicate value to your audience dozens of times a week, in easily-consumed snippets of wisdom. Whilst it might be harder to rank this type of content, it still allows you to engage your audience, solve their problems and ingratiate them with your brand. Best of all, you can write a microblog in 10 minutes.


4. RSS Feed Promotion

RSS feeds are another fantastic channel for distributing your blog marketing efforts. RSS readers make it incredibly easy to compile dozens of valuable blog feeds into a single stream. By promoting your own RSS feed, and submitting it for inclusion to the most popular readers, you make it easier than ever for people to find and engage with your content. For help on setting up your own feed, and adding an RSS icon to your blog, check out this guide!


3. Blog Subscription

Email is a crucial component of effective inbound marketing, and blog subscriptions are a powerful tool for creating opt-in mailing lists. To maximise your signups, embed a blog subscription form in your sidebar, and create a CTA to include at the end of relevant blog posts. Blog consistently, and give your audience a legitimate reason to sign-up to your mailing list.


2. Blog Commenting

I’m a firm believer that the end is nigh for blog commenting – but with that said, the end-days haven’t arrived just yet. Blog commenting is still a viable blog marketing service, and one which could boost your blog’s search and social presence.

Blog commenting is the process of tracking down industry-related blog content, and sharing your opinions. By engaging with your industry’s thought-leaders (and most vocal proponents), you can create a dialogue, illustrating your expertise and knowledge. You can add value to the community; and care of the URL left behind in your content, you can direct other readers to your own blog. Most blog comments are nofollow‘ed by default, so they won’t always boost your SEO – but they do offer another channel for prospects to engage with your content.


1. Guest Blogging

Few blog marketing services are as taboo as guest blogging – but as long as you’re careful about the type of content you accept for publication, it can still benefit your site. Make sure you develop a relationship with potential guest bloggers, and get a feel for their writing style, knowledge and motivations. Before publishing anything, ensure that the blog post is…


Will your target audience care about it? Does the post address any of their pain points?


Does the post appear anywhere else on the web? If the answer is yes, realise that you aren’t publishing a guest post – you’re syndicating someone else’s content.


Does the post provide advice and guidance? Is it problem-solving? Did you learn something from the post?


Was money (or the offer of money) involved at any point in your discussion? You don’t want your website to go the way of MyBlogGuest. Matt Cutts’ stand against guest blogging was designed to eradicate paid blog networks – so money should never enter the equation.


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