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Better Content Curation with the 10:4:1 Rule

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If you’re a digital marketing agency, or a specialized content marketing or inbound marketing agency, it’s likely that blogging is a cornerstone of your services. After all, a regularly updated blog can net your clients 434% more indexed pages, 97% more indexed links and almost twice as many leads – and when your clients do well, you do well. Publishing unique, valuable and targeted content is a huge part of managing that blog – but many agencies neglect another crucial aspect of blog management: content curation.


Content Creation

writingtimeContent creation is the basis for most content marketing strategies. By writing unique and industry-relevant content, you improve a website’s visibility and search engine presence through keywords and inbound links. This, in turn, attracts greater traffic to a website and allows your client to engage with more leads as a result.

It’s entirely possible to create a thriving business blog through content creation alone, by writing and publishing as many blog posts as your creativity and productivity will allow. However, if you’re a busy digital agency, managing multiple clients and their blogs, this isn’t a viable strategy. Writing insightful, engaging blog posts multiple times a week requires hours of research, drafting, and editing – time that you don’t have.

Thankfully, you can boost your business blogging efforts without setting metaphorical pen to virtual paper; by combining content creation with content curation.


Content Curation

Content curation is the process of compiling relevant blog posts and resources from other blogs and businesses. As well as marketing and promoting your own content, you share and promote the best pieces of industry content from other sources.

Why Curate Content?

Increase Traffic
Even though you won’t receive direct traffic by curating content, you will benefit from increased social media engagement. The more great content you share, the more likely you are to attract new followers and readers, and sharing external content will still contribute to your overall traffic. Content is the heart and soul of a SMM campaign, and with many content marketers advocating upwards of 10 unique Tweets a day, it makes sense to curate content.

Create Authority and Trust
Content curation helps develop the authority for your business blogs. Sharing rival content creates an atmosphere of openness and legitimacy for the blogging business, and compiling the web’s best content into one place makes your blog a one-stop shop for killer resources.

Build Relationships
Other agencies and businesses will appreciate your efforts in sharing their content. They benefit from increased exposure and direct traffic, making it lucrative for both parties. Always include attribution for everything you share – we’re trying to promote, not steal!

Save Time
Best of all, content curation takes seconds – versus content creation’s hours. It’s as simple as browsing your social networks and rival blogs, finding popular content that your target audience will benefit from. Remember to relate every piece of content back to your buyer persona – because if it isn’t relevant to your target audience, you’re wasting time and energy.


The 10:4:1 Rule

The 10:4:1 Rule is a method of content curation put forward by Kipp Bodnar and Jeffrey Cohen in their book, ‘B2B Social Media’. Following this ratio allows you to grow your social and blog network efficiently, by sharing other people’s content, your own content, and your own landing pages, in the ratio of 10:4:1. 10:4:1 rule content curation business blogging

This method is designed to boost your content marketing strategy, without any additional time and resource input. It allows you to capitalize on third-party content, whilst still promoting your own killer posts.

If you’re looking to boost a client’s content marketing, or just improve your own business blogging efforts, content curation is a powerful tool to incorporate. The 10:4:1 rule allows you to create a structured and measurable approach to content curation, improving the efficacy of your blogging without eating up hours of your valuable time!

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Do you use content curation to boost your blogging efforts? Let us know in the comments!

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