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Content Marketing Services: the Right Decision for Your Agency?

By May 12, 2014 One Comment

Agencies around the country are diversifying, and adding content marketing services to their repertoire. For some, the move translates into diversified revenue, more clients and greater long-term growth prospects; for others, a fast-track to failure. Thankfully, most of the common pitfalls can be avoided by answering these 3 quick questions. If you’re looking to add content marketing to your services, these questions will help you to make the right choice – for yourself, your business and your clients.


[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]3. Will content marketing dilute your brand identity?[/googlefont]

In a saturated market, specialization is a powerful differentiator. Businesses that take a Jack of all trades approach find themselves out-competed by specialists, who are able to focus all of their resources into a single niche, and establish themselves as a genuine authority.

Woolworths content marketing services and marketing agencyCase studies are everywhere in the UK, from Woolworths to Zaavi. Each of these brands suffered from the same problem; an inability to answer the simplest of questions:

‘Who are we, and what do we do?’

I’ve seen dozens of brands tout themselves as a ‘holistic marketing and media agencies’, offering every digital marketing service under the sun – and I’ve seen dozens more focus on a single service, and do it really, really well. There are markets for both approaches; but there’s no room for uncertainty. You need to be able to concisely define your brand, and the services it offers, and decide whether content marketing dilutes or reinforces this identity.

[box style=”1″]‘You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone.’

Andrew Davis, Brandscaping[/box]


[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]2. Will your clients be receptive?[/googlefont]

It might be that your agency is looking to offer content marketing services in direct response to client requests; but are requests enough? Expressing an interest is not the same as committing to your new services. Without a definite (read: financial) commitment to your new services, expanding your in-house services is a huge risk.

Even if your current clients are on-board with your new content marketing services, there’s no guarantee that your future clients will be. It’s important to scrutinise your buyer personas, and evaluate your acquisition channels – and determine if future leads will have any interest in content marketing.


[googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”25px”]1. Are you willing to make a long-term commitment?[/googlefont]

Effective content marketing requires expert copywriting, intelligent strategy, a ton of manpower and a ton more time. Unsurprisingly, most agencies don’t have the necessary resources – and unless you have a dormant team of copywriters, quietly hibernating beneath the floorboards of your office, expanding your services is going to require investment. You have a choice to make:

  • copywriting squirrel

    Time to wake up little copywriter!

    You can dive in, and attempt to handle content marketing entirely in-house; and take on the financial risks of hiring copywriters, overhauling your infrastructure and rebuilding your cost structure. Done? Cross your fingers, and pray that your clients don’t jump ship.

  • You can ease the transition by working with a freelancer. By outsourcing your content marketing services, you can build a recurring revenue stream of new clients without a long-term commitment. You can market expert copywriting and content marketing services as your own. You can gauge the response of your clients, and build towards in-house content marketing in a sustainable way.
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Content marketing isn’t a panacea, or a passing trend. By deciding to offer content marketing services, you’re making a commitment; to yourself, your brand and your clients. If you’re willing to make that commitment, you can benefit from a huge new audience, and earn an incredible ROI – but if you’re looking to cash-in on the latest marketing buzzword, you’ll damage your agency.

For advice on expanding your agencies services into content marketing, get in touch for a free consultation!



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