7 Quick Tips for Marketing Your Business Blog

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Successful business blog marketing requires dedication, consistency, and above all else, a ton of time. Thankfully, whilst you’re putting in days, weeks and months of effort into building your business blog, there are a few quick blog marketing tips you can take advantage of. These quick tips are easy, free and effective ways of improving the exposure and reach of your business blog .

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7. Submit your business blog to directories and blog feeds

Blog directories categorize and list thousands of blogs, providing backlinks to your site and offering extra exposure to readers of the directory. This practice is regarded as an old-school and potentially blackhat SEO tactic, but done right, it still works.

[box style=”1″]Directories aren’t as powerful as they used to be. But the official word from Google is that they still pass trust and authority onto your site. And they’re a golden opportunity to quickly add branded anchor text to your homepage links.

Neil Patel, Quicksprout[/box]

There are thousands of free and paid directories available for business blog marketing, often with varying levels of reputability and PageRank. To prevent any Google Webspam penalties, stick to a few dozen directory submissions, and be discerning with your choice. For a comprehensive list of available directories, check out this article from TopRankBlog:

To get you started, you can try adding your business blog to SoMuch and Technoratiand, recommendations from Neil Patel himself:


6. Write intentionally controversial blog posts

Content Shock is StupidNothing get’s shared more than a controversial opinion piece. To illustrate this point, check out Mark Schaefer’s ‘Content Shock’ post  -it’s one of the most popular business blog posts of 2014 so far. Why? Because it flew in the face of popular opinion, and intentionally riled the very vocal community blog marketing and content marketing community. There’s nothing to stop you from innovating like this: address a popular opinion in your industry, and write your own take on it.

You can even capitalize on existing opinions, as we did in two of our most popular business blog posts. Both Content Shock and Matt Cutts’ guest blogging commentary were (and still are!) hot topics in content marketing – and we boosted our business blog marketing by publishing our own responses. They were shared globally, and generated a ton of discussion. Check them out for yourself, and see what you think of them:

5 Reasons Why Content Shock is Unbelievably Stupid

Guest Blogging: A Response to Mat Cutts’ Stupid Advice


5. Post more often

One of the best business blog marketing tactics is also one of the simplest: post more often. There’s a direct correlation between how often you post, and how many visits your blog will receive. It makes sense: more content means more keywords, more links and more material to attract potential readers. This graph from inbound marketing agency Iconsive illustrates how regularly updating your business blog can boost your traffic:

business blog marketing tips

Iconsive’s blog-driven traffic

4. Make subscribing to your business blog really easy

Subscriptions are one of the best ways to drive regular traffic to your business blog. If you create relevant, interesting content on a weekly or daily basis, it’s in your readers’ best interests to subscribe – so make it easy. Add a Subscription button to the footer of all of your blog posts, and minimize the amount of information your visitor has to part with. For more information on how to improve your business blog marketing with landing pages and CTAs, check out one of our latest posts: The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.


3. Ask for Shares on social networks

business blog marketing strategyIf you’ve got a popular and active social following for your blog, it makes sense to use it for your business blog marketing. As well as the natural Shares and engagement caused by regularly posting valuable content, you can straight-up ask your most active followers for a helping hand. If you’re honest and thankful, you’ll be able to receive the occasional Share whenever you need it. It’s important not to spam your followers, so save it for the most important blog posts!


2. Publish all the Trackbacks for your blog

When another blogger links to your content, you can set up your host to send you a Trackback – a link to the webpage that mentioned your content. You can use this to your advantage, to boost your business blog marketing. By publishing a list of Trackbacks at the bottom of your content, you create an incentive for other blogs to mention and share your content. If another blog links to your content, they will have a link to their site published in return. Though indirect, this can be a great way of encouraging greater sharing and promotion of your posts – and it takes seconds to do.


1. Give away great content

If you’ve written a powerful piece of engaging content – why not give it away? Guest blogging is a great way of building legitimate links and drawing relevant traffic from other successful blogs. Instead of publishing your blog post, approach a few other blogs in your niche, and see if they’re interested in publishing your piece. If they say yes – great! You’ve just earned some solid backlinks and exposure. No? Don’t worry, just publish it yourself. Remember to only give away a piece of content once – and offering duplicate content is bad practice, and liable to get your site (and your kind host’s site) penalized.


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As these 7 quick tips prove, business blog marketing doesn’t always have to be a long-winded process. If you’re looking for other business blogging tips and advice, check out our Business Blogging 101 series, designed to guide from writing your first blog post all the way through to your first sales!

Have you used any of these techniques to quickly boost your business blog marketing? Let us know in the comments!




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