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The Definitive 2014 Content Marketing Book List

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In 2014, business success is going to be determined by content marketing. As we explained in ‘The Top 5 2014 Content Marketing Predictions Explained‘, 2013 was a year of experimentation and early-adoption. In 2014, all the creases have been ironed out – and we’re going to see a huge surge in content marketing uptake.

Thankfully, this is good news for you. Even if you know nothing about content marketing, you can begin to benefit yourself and your business in a matter of hours.  The core principles and best practices of content marketing aren’t elusive or confusing – they’re simple and straightforward. Best of all, they’re written in dozens of helpful, fascinating books.

We’ve compiled this reading list to help kick-start your 2014 content marketing. All the basics (and some of the more advanced aspects) of content marketing can be found in these books, along with helpful tips, tricks and hacks to get the most out of your marketing strategy in 2014. It’s time to get reading!


The Marketing Agency Blueprint

Paul Roetzer

marketingagencyblueprintIf you’re interested in setting up your own marketing agency, running your own small business, or just hoping to understand where content marketing fits into the big picture – you need The Marketing Agency Blueprint in your life. Paul Roetzer is the founder of PR 20/20, and he uses his personal experience (and mistakes!) to create the ultimate guide to running a digital marketing agency. It covers every aspect of modern marketing strategy, and if you’re struggling to use content marketing effectively for your business, it’s time to read Paul’s blueprint.

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…seeing the big picture of content marketing.

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Epic Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi

epic 2014 content marketingFor many people, Joe’s best-selling book is the definitive content marketing handbook – and it’s easy to see why. Epic Content Marketing addresses every part of creating an effective, powerful and unique content marketing strategy. It’s jam-packed with actionable advice and illustrative examples, and it addresses why content marketing has become so important. If you’ve never read a content marketing book before, start here. It’s also worth checking out Joe’s business website (he is, after all, founder of the Content Marketing Institute).

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…learning the ropes, and reminding yourself of just how content marketing works.

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Valuable Content Marketing

Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

valuable 2014 content marketingIn a similar vein to Epic Content Marketing, Valuable Content Marketing takes a comprehensive look at the entire process of content marketing. It’s the perfect book for anyone new to the world of content, but it’s also an essential read for anyone confused about the value of content. The book addresses the importance of making content valuable to your target audience, and the steps you need to take to get there.

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…understanding how to make content truly valuable.

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Content Rules

Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

2014 content marketing rules

Ann is very much the first-lady of content marketing, and Content Rules truly reaffirms her status. Ann explores the difference between good content, and truly great content, and provides a myriad of actionable tips and advice. The importance of customer engagement is at the forefront of the book’s message, and it provides the perfect read for anyone looking to tighten up their content strategy. After all, what good is content without engagement?

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…improving your visitor engagement.

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Daniel H. Pink

drive 2014 content marketingNo content marketing book  list would be complete without Drive, despite the fact that it isn’t actually about content marketing. In this acclaimed best-seller, Daniel Pink explores what motivates us, and what makes us happy. Forget everything you thought you knew about motivation, because Drive explores the science and psychology that helps people to succeed at home and at work. Littered with case studies and poignant examples, Drive is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. If you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation to burn the midnight oil and push your business to new heights, this book is invaluable.

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…helping you to love your job.

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Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion

Robert B. Cialdini, PhD

influence 2014 content marketing persuasionPersuasion is one of the core tactics in any piece of content marketing copy. After all, we want to persuade our readers of the genuine benefits of our brand, services and products. This book lays out the basic principles of persuasion, and provides actionable tips. As well as teaching us how to make our writing, speech and everyday actions more persuasive, Robert Cialdini also helps us to avoid the persuasion tactics of others. The book also benefits from a wonderful writing style, and helpful reader anecdotes in its latest edition. If you’re looking to improve the power of your sales copy or wanting to understand the power of persuasion, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion is the perfect book for you.

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…harnessing the power of persuasion.

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The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr. and E.B White

2014 content marketing elements of styleDefinitely the smallest book on the list, abut probably one of the most important. The Elements of Style is the definitive writing handbook, and it contains essential advice on all aspects of writing. Packed into its diminutive frame are top tips on grammar, spelling, style, tone of voice and tons of common writing mistakes. Best of all, its written in an accessible, helpful and concise manner. The Elements of Style will literally transform your writing – and best of all, its cheap as anything!

It’s the best 2014 content marketing book for…

…getting the most out of your writing style.

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If free resources are more your thing, you can download ‘Content Marketing Explained‘ – our completely free, comprehensive guide to the basic principles of content marketing. It’s packed full of tips, tricks and advice on creating a content marketing strategy.

Interested in where content marketing could take your business in 2014? Check out our blog post, ‘The Top 5 2014 Content Marketing Predictions Explained


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